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Welcome to the online CLC Bookhouse!

Our goal is to provide Christ-centered materials at reasonable cost for our members and visitors.

This site is part of the CLC Publishing Division’s efforts to inform our membership of the materials available through the CLC Bookhouse, and make it easier to order and purchase these materials.

Materials are now available from other publishing houses.


The categories listed on the right, as well as on each page of this website do not represent a comprehensive listing of available products. We are in the process of adding additional categories and products.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We are the official Book House of the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC). We provide products created by the CLC for use by CLC members, churches, and schools. We also sell products, such as church supplies, books and gift items which are produced by other religious publishers and found to be useful by our pastors and laypeople. We encourage Christians to read with some discretion those books and materials not published by the CLC, since they may contain teachings or ideas that are not consistent with Scripture.

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