Family Time: A Collection of 98 Bible Stories and Devotions


Center your family time around meaningful devotions on Biblical stories. With beautiful illustrations to accompany every story, you child can learn important lessons from the Old and New Testament while also understanding how it applies to their life.

Each story includes a question to answer or link into the church year based on another Bible passage. Many questions tie right back into your child’s life while others answer questions about living as a Christian or why God or Jesus had done certain things. Every story concludes with a prayer to help build a solid foundation of prayer in your child’s life.

For parents, the back of the book indexes the questions or topics talked about within the 98 different devotions, allowing you to find an answer for your curious child. Stories such as Jesus’ Tomb is Empty!, Calms the Story, Jesus Changes Saul, and David and Jonathan are included along with many more.

Hardcover, 208 pages

Ages 6-10





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