N is for Nativity: Christmas from A to Z


Colorful illustrations and easy-to-read rhyming text on Christmas terms from A to Z teach children the account of Jesus’ birth.

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A hardcover children’s book, N is for Nativity uses detailed illustrations and rhyming text to tell the story of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem and the true meaning of Christmas. From Advent to Zechariah, each page features a letter of the alphabet, helping teach children their ABCs in the context of the Christmas story.

N is for Nativity concludes with a detailed two-page glossary that highlights additional information, including Biblical references and definitions, about the word or term used to represent each letter, providing readers with context and further explanation for continued learning.

With a sturdy hardcover, N is for Nativity is up to reading after reading during the Advent season, and year after year for generations of children.


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