(Dis)Ordered: Lies about Human Nature and the Truth That Sets Us Free


Affirm your identity in Christ and discover encouragement for struggles with sin as Pastor Christopher Esget masterfully navigates the topic of human nature.



Wherever you go, you will encounter conflicting messages about what it means to be human. Culture likes to tell us who we are. How are we supposed to navigate our desires, fears, and longing for purpose when culture claims that we’re just born a certain way and can’t help it? Western culture has become disordered, focusing on an overdeveloped concept of the self, rooted not in our embodied humanity but in individual psychology.

God’s Word, however, speaks differently about human nature. Explore what the Bible says about mankind’s purpose and how our disconnection from the created order causes such great harm in society in (Dis)ordered: Lies about Human Nature and the Truth That Sets Us Free. Author Christopher S. Esget searches Scripture for how we can be healed from these maladies in Christ and His work of bringing human nature to its goal. A valuable and timely resource, hot-button issues, such as lust and destruction, fear of death, battling demons, and sexual identity are addressed. In investigating what God’s Word says about sex, the danger of following our passions, and warnings against the lies of this world, Esget shines a light on Christ, the truth that sets us free.


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