Doctor of Souls


Even in the rapid change of the 21st century, God’s Word stands strong. Doctor of Souls: The Art of Pastoral Theology is a guide that will help pastors prepare to minister to contemporary people and congregations. Professor Schuetze shows pastors how to practice scriptural principles as new challenges arise with each day.

Doctor of Souls examines the role, character, and qualifications of a called pastor. It also describes some of the duties of this modern pastor:
* Sharing the Word and administering the Sacraments
* Visiting members of the congregation
* Coping with medical decisions and dilemmas
* Comforting the mourning and bereaved
* Seeking out straying congregation members
* Proclaiming sexual intimacy and marriage as God’s gift
* Serving as a spiritual counselor to members
* Teaching Christian stewardship

Doctor of Souls contains footnotes, diagrams, and charts to visualize and demonstrate biblical principles. A subject index and Scripture index are also included for convenient reference and navigation.



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